Run happy, roam free.

A life full of running adventures.

Running has given me so much and it continues to do so.

Running in my forties has made me more reflective.  

Whether it’s running happier, further, to unplug or reconnect, I try to celebrate what running adds to my life and help others to do so the same.

I also like to share new routes and sights on my running adventures in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

Who’s behind Rundure?

Hi, I’m Stuart, an avid runner for 15+ years. I can often be found roaming free in and around Yorkshire (UK). In life, I’ve learned that the map is not the terrain and remain grateful for the soul-nourishing qualities of a good run.

I aim to share my favourite run routes for others and post new ones as I discover them. I’m also interested in runner psychology, applying the principles of Stoic athletes, urban exploration jogging or “Awe Walks” to my runs. When not on the move, I’m a marketer and award-winning journalist.

What’s my running background?

I run or walk 10km a day. Minimum.

What we repeatedly do, every day, ultimately forms the results we enjoy and the life we build. Change your habits and you’ll transform your life.

I’ve also run 10+ marathons (most recently the Lisbon marathon) and the odd adventure run (such as running Hadrian’s Wall over 3 days; the most remote and best Holy Island route; plogging in my local neighborhood). That’s thousands of sunrises, countless UK running trails, and an incurable addiction to buying colorful running gear.

Have your own run story to tell?

Stuart Goulden running with heart in Newcastle's Hadrian Wall route along the Tyne river