Where to Put Your Keys When Running (20 Genius Tricks!)

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By Stuart

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Keys are a runner’s nemesis. Rattling around, distracting you, making a load noise. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Here’s 20 ideas for where to put your keys when enjoying the benefits of jogging everyday.

Top tip: Run with fewer keys

A simple solution can be to whittle your keys down to a single key. Losing any keyrings too. It might sound obvious but leaving them at home is often the easiest workaround. But if that’s not an option (for example, you live in an apartment with multiple entrances), read on…

20 Hacks for Running with Keys

1. Tape keys together when running

I dreamed up this run hack to stop keys clattering together. Make running with keys easier and quieter by fastening them together using masking tape or an elastic band. Now more streamlined too, they can fit inside your pocket or running belt.

Where to put your keys when running - tape up keys

2. Buy shorts or tops with zipped pockets

Running with keys is a common problem so most brands will have a lined of range of clothing with zipped pockets. My zipped pockets tend to be hidden at the reverse of the shorts where bulky keys just aren’t practical, so it’s combination of this and Tip 1 for me.

An equally good solution is to split keys up and put them in different pockets.

3. Put keys in a running belt

This little running pack is my go-to storage on smaller runs. Deceptively spacious inside and made of stretchy material, it’s great for storing keys, a mobile phone and energy bar.

My run belt has two compartments, so there’s no risk of your keys scratching your phone screen. The strap is adjustable so it hugs your body comfortably and doesn’t bounce around.

Costs only $10/£10 from any decent run or sports store.

4. Invest in a key safe

This has been a game changer for me. You don’t need to actually run with keys at all.

Key safes cost upwards of $30/£30 and can be fitted without any DIY expertise – only an electric drill needed.

I keep a spare set of keys in mine (pic below) meaning I can leave the house safe in the knowledge I’ll never lock myself out. Perfect on the days you want to run empty handed and totally carefree.

5. Put your keys in a hydration vest

Best backpack for Hadrian’s Wall – Salomon Active Skin 8.sb-5e7916c9-W4B5XQ Large

Pitched as a hydration vest the Salomon Active Skin doubles up as a spacious but extremely lightweight backpack.

It has multiple pockets on the front to keep the essentials – drinks, snacks, map, keys, mobile phone and cap – handy and keep you totally self-sufficient. I’d never run with a backpack until training with this but found it extremely comfy and breathable. Great value at under $100/£100!

6. Put the keyring over your middle finger

A creative solution for short runs. Use the keyring as a ring and close the keys in the palm of your hand. You’ll forget your keys are there and can run free from any distractions.

Where to put your keys when running - wrap around fingers

7. Leave your keys with reception

Ok, only an option if you have a concierge or are staying in a hotel. However, many people don’t think to do so.

Hotel staff will also be happy to look after your water bottle if you need a pitstop to refuel halfway through a run.

8. Put your keys in a phone armband

Some people swear by their phone armband but I always find they slip down your arm. Nevertheless, many models have magnetic key slots to keep 1-2 keys in place even though your arms are swinging back and forth.

Not for me, as I always doubt whether the keys are ok, causing me to lose my rhyme.

9. Lock your keys in your car as you run

The thinking behind this solution is to key down on the number of keys you carry as you run. Decanting bulky keys into your car will allow you to carry only a single car key instead.

Car keys are often more ergonomic too, so they’re easier to run with.

10. Buy a zipped sports wristband

Keep your personal items secure with an adjustable sports wristband wallet. Small but spacious enough to hold coins, cash and small keys.

These normally have a high viz strip to keep you visible on evening runs too.

Those are my top 10 locations for putting keys when running. But where there’s will, there’s always another way, including:

  • 11. Store keys in a sports bra
  • 12. Slide keys into tight-fitting socks
  • 13. Tie your keys to your shoelaces or shoe pouch
  • 14. Put your keys in a weighted vest
  • 15. Tie your keys to your short strings
  • 16. Running gloves with a dedicated key holder
  • 17. Install keypad keyless entry to your home
  • 18. Wear your keys on a good quality lanyard
  • 19. Wrap them in tin foil for easy storing
  • 20. If all else fails: hide them

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